Walls of the World

Survived another one...
or, what's up with the undead?

That was a brutal fight, and now there are some questions to be asked. For one, where do these undead keep coming from, and what is this cold wind that precedes these attacks? There must be a connection, but is it Bison that they’re after, just like those strange, morphing cultists were? Is it the book that she’s carrying? Or maybe they’re after me, my patron does have a hate-on for the undead, which I gleefully share. Nah, it’s probably Bison.

Mavok, Kashai, I am grateful to have more travelling companions who can hold their own in a fight. Maybe with your help we can reach the surface in one piece. And once I find a way back to my own realm, may I never be lost in the Feywild again!



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